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Advertising Services

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Small organization usually suffer from limited organic reach for keywords that are important to them. Due to heavy competition by large organizations, your website might not show on the first page of search results for the keywords you wish to rank for. As a result, you may struggle to get new leads. Does that sound familiar?

In industries with heavy competition, it can take you years of strategic search engine optimization to get onto the first page even for niche keywords. Until you rank on page one organically, you can use other methods for the short-term, such as online ads.

Online Advertising helps you get exposure for keywords that your organic ranking is limited for. Yet, it can also complement your SEO efforts in many ways. Let me lend a head, when integrating your online advertising into your marketing strategy and stay ahead of the curve.

You can either have your online advertising done for you or you can learn how to do it yourself. The choice is yours.

Connie Reichelsdorfer
Google Partner
Maple Leaf

How I Can Help

I am Google certified for its Ads interface to run ads on Google’s Search and Display Network. In addition, I am also accredited for Bing.

What that means is that I have passed exams for all Ads channels that Google offers (please see below) and have re-taken the exams every year (since 2013) to remain certified for:

Google AdWords icon

Google Search Network

Google Display Network icon

Google Display Network

Google Shopping Icon

Google Shopping

Google Mobile Sites icon

Mobile Sites



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Google Analytics

Over the years, I have set up and run thousands of successful campaigns across a multitude of platforms, optimized dozens of accounts for clients, and increased ad performance significantly.

For one client, I fixed their underperforming online campaigns and thus reduced cost-per-click by 90% (from $2 to $0.20 per click) over the course of two weeks, while simultaneously increasing quality traffic to the site by 50%. For another client, I’ve reduced cost-per-click by 81.2% and grew quality website traffic by almost 700% over the course of 10 months. When your staff members tell you that your campaigns cannot be optimized further, give me a call.

Google Ads Services I Provide

As you browse through the list, feel free to check the boxes of items you’d like to learn more about. I will respond to you within 48 hours, so we can get you started.

What happens next?

After I receive your form, I will respond within 48 hours with more questions.

If you are interested in having your Google Ads account set up or revamped, I will also need

  • A list of your goals and/or business objectives, so I can determine what “success” looks like to you and translate this into the proposed Google Ads setup.
  • A list of known competitors, so I can determine what they are doing on the online advertising front and identify ways to make you stand out among them.
  • To complete the project, access to your Google Ads and your analytics account is also needed. I can walk you through the necessary steps once we have agreed on working together.

Additional questions might apply, depending on your objectives.

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