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Connie Reichelsdorfer
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Google Analytics Certified

Nowadays, free tools such as Google Analytics, give us access to large volumes of information. It requires a skilled and experienced analyst to systematically examine the data, interpret the findings, and assess the data’s significance. As a certified web analyst, I can help you make sense of your online performance and propose strategies that will maximize your success.

Just getting started? Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to do the set up for you. This includes creating your free Google Analytics account, synching it with your other Google channels, such as Google Ads, YouTube, and Google Search Console, and determine all critical metrics that will propel your business or nonprofit forward.

Use my insatiable quest for information to gain invaluable insights into your organization’s field, identify your key customers or donors, spot new potential supporters, investigate what works for similar organizations in your field, and plan out a successful marketing strategy.

Knowing that analytics reports can be scary for some, I am happy to set up visual and interactive reports for you via Google Data Studio and provide you with the necessary training to get the most out of them.

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Services I Provide

As you browse through the list, feel free to check the boxes of items you’d like to learn more about. I will respond to you within 48 hours, so we can get you started.

What happens next?

After I receive your form, I will respond within 48 hours with more questions. In order to send you a proposal, I will need to receive the following:

Access to your Google Analytics account. Here are instructions for the most secure way to do this.

If you are interested in having your Google Analytics account set up or revamped, I will also need

  • A list of your goals and/or business objectives, so I can determine what “success” looks like to you and translate this into success metrics for Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics.
  • A short description of your current sales cycle, so I know what channels are involved and what metrics need to be tracked.

Additional questions might apply, depending on your objectives.

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