Environmental Protection

Environmental Stewardship

In 2018, Sunny Start-Up Marketing was one of the first 2 companies to become Zero Waste Certified by Zero Waste Canada, the Canadian national affiliate of the Zero Waste International Alliance, ZWIA.

Full disclosure: A few months after Sunny Start-Up Marketing had started the process of becoming Zero Waste Certified, Zero Waste Canada recruited me to become their Executive Director. In 2019, the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) then recruited me to redesign and secure their website on the recommendation of Zero Waste Canada’s Board of Directors.

Waste Reduction

Below are some of the ways Sunny Start-Up Marketing is reducing its waste impact:

  • I send PDFs instead of printed copies and accept & encourage e-signatures for contracts, rather than scanned copies (refer to this website for information on legal applications concerning e-signatures in British Columbia).
  • When I take out food for lunch, I bring my own containers.
  • Coffee meetings only take place at coffee shops where reusable cups are being utilized to serve coffee and tea (never at Starbucks or Tim Hortons)
  • I do not use single-serve coffee makers.
  • I do not use paper plates, plastic cutlery, or other single-use items.
  • I do not use cut flowers for decoration (only pot plants).
  • If artificial light is not needed, it won’t be switched on.
  • Water is not wasted.
  • To get to client meetings, I use public transit.
  • Items that are no longer needed (e.g. furniture, books, etc.), are donated to nonprofits and neighbourhood houses that support the homeless and low-income families.
  • My desk, chair, work-related hard-copy books, as well as other items are second-hand.

Charity Support and Nonprofit Work

Over the years, I have consistently donated between 5-10% of my yearly revenue to environmental nonprofits and charitable organizations, and also supported close to a dozen nonprofits and charities through in-kind services, mentoring, and advocacy.

In addition, every year, Sunny Start-Up Marketing holds a competition for a free project. The winning nonprofit/charity receives 10 hours of my time to help complete one of their most pressing projects.