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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

~ Mark Twain

I’ve always loved working with nonprofits. Being involved in helping an organization fight for a better, greener, and more positive future is probably one of the most rewarding work any marketing professional can do.


Promoting your cause and working hand-in-hand to accomplish your mission: That’s what I do best.

Making the world a better place: That’s what you do best.

Connie Reichelsdorfer

Connie Reichelsdorfer

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Website Design NP Marketing


Your website sparks interest in your organization. It needs to get your values and mission across, to light the fire in your site’s visitors.

Nonprofit Marketing - Outreach


Your outreach efforts are the flame that gets passed on from person to person. Let me help you make sure it keeps going.



Passionate supporters are responsible for that warm fuzzy feeling that keeps you going. Let’s get more of that!



Let me help train your staff and volunteers in igniting sparks.



Nonprofits get up to 50% off on all marketing services.


Win a marketing project with me.
Deadline: May 31, 2018

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