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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

~ Mark Twain

I’ve always loved working with nonprofits. Being involved in helping an organization fight for a better, greener, and more positive future is probably one of the most rewarding work any marketing professional can do.


Promoting your cause and working hand-in-hand to accomplish your mission: That’s what I do best.

Making the world a better place: That’s what you do best.

Let’s work together.

Connie Reichelsdorfer

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Website Design NP Marketing


Your website sparks interest in your organization. It needs to get your values and mission across, to light the fire in your site’s visitors.

Nonprofit Marketing - Outreach


Your outreach efforts are the flame that gets passed on from person to person. Let me help you make sure it keeps going.



Passionate supporters are responsible for that warm fuzzy feeling that keeps you going. Let’s get more of that!


Let me help train your staff and volunteers in igniting sparks.



Nonprofits get up to 50% off

all marketing services.

Nonprofit Pricing

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Whether your project involves

  • applying for a Google Ad Grant,

  • optimizing your Google AdWords account,

  • gaining insights from your website analytics,

  • updating or upgrading your website,

  • increasing your visibility for search engines, or

  • social media outreach

I can help.

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What my clients say

“Connie came to me at a time when I was immensely stuck. I had an idea of what my business was but I had no idea how to make it appealing to people. I was going to quit. She not only gave me direction, but she also didn’t stop until I had hope again. Everything my business is today is because of Connie. Every ecstatic customer is happy because of the brand Connie helped me build.”

~ Setareh Bateni

“Connie helped me create a meditation and wellness blog in French from start to finish; a blog which has the objective to be transformed into a website over time. She continues to help me with the evolution of my project. She motivates me and gives me advice and direction. Connie always responds fast and efficiently to all my questions and requests (no matter how basic or challenging they may be) with great advice. She is a professional who truly listens and quickly adapts to others’ needs and demands. She is efficient, fast, and competent and I strongly recommend her.”

~ Virginie Métivier

“I must say that Connie has been a life saver and a pleasure to work with.  If not for her, I would have thrown in the towel a while ago. And believe me when I say that I am not easily impressed but Connie has impressed me multiple times 😀 “

~ Jimmy L.

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