Online Resources

Other marketing professionals and clients often ask me what softwares I use to create those beautiful results that I’m delivering (e.g. ebook covers). On this page, I’m now sharing my resources with you.

This list below features companies and softwares that I personally support and use. I will modify this list over time, so check back often.  😉

Environmental Responsibility

1% for the Planet

By donating 1% of your yearly benefits to 1% FOR THE PLANET, you help build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses committed to creating a healthy planet.

Membership fees depend on business size and start at $300/year.

B Lab

Certified B Corps must to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Membership requires approval by B Lab and also involves an annual fee that start at $500/year.

Renewal Funds

Renewal Funds is a venture capital firm investing in early growth stage companies in Canada and the United States. Their mission is to catalyze positive social and environmental change.

Zero Waste Canada

As a Zero Waste Canada Business Member, you are committed to ‘Getting to Zero’ and driving the transformation of a circular economy.

Membership fees depend on business size and range from $100-$475.


Adobe Photo Stock

Adobe Photo Stock is a paid subscription that gives you access to over 55 million high-quality royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, and 3D assets.

Adobe Stock graphics can be purchased individually (at US$9.99) or with a monthly subscription, which starts at US$29.99/month (with an annual membership) and allows you to download 10 graphics.

Free Digital Photos

Just a few years ago, this was my number one resource. However, because of the huge amount of “premium” images that is now cluttering up the interface, this is no longer my number one.

If you use an image from this source, beware that you also need to give credit to the photographer on your website.


For advanced photo editing, Photoshop is still the best tool in the shed and I don’t anticipate that this will change anytime soon. Be ready for a steep learning curve, though. Once you master Photoshop, however, you will wonder how you ever managed to do without.

The Adobe Photoshop subscription starts at $9.99/month and is well worth the investment.


This is a great resource for royalty-free resources.

The images are indeed FREE. Out of respect to those fantastic photographers who allow us to utilize their talent for free (THANK YOU), if you download a lot, I do recommend to “buy them a coffee.”


Besides Pixabay, this is one of my most favourite FREE image sources. The photographers are incredibly skilled and I’m always looking forward to the next email that will deliver yet another batch of photos to my inbox.

Email Marketing


AWeber starts at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers. The interface is easy to use, but has its limitations. If you are using like a real marketing pro, using automation, you will not get around signing up for AWtomator as well, which is an additional $19+/month.

If you need AWeber and AWtomator together, you would therefore start of at $38/month.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is your best bet, if you’re promoting events and webinars. It works great for other business needs as well, of course, but I’d say that this is what they’re really great at.

Their services start at $20/month.


MailChimp is free until your email list reaches a size of 2,000 subscribers. If you plan to use the software like a real marketing pro, however, I would recommend signing up for the paid version right away.

The paid version starts at $10/month.

WordPress Plugins

Live Help Now

This is a great feature for anyone who wishes to chat live with their website visitors.

In order to use this plugin, you first need to have an active account, however (trial or paid), which starts at $21/month.


This is a great plugin to grow your email list. It allows you to create a variety of email sign-up forms (embedded forms, pop-up forms, etc.) and can feed your subscribers directly to your account with MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft, etc.


This is a great plugin for companies who have direct contact with their clients. It allows your website visitors to schedule appointments, consulting sessions, etc. with the click of a button.

The free version covers up to 25 bookings. The next plan up starts at $29.90/month.

Yoast SEO

This is a must have plugin for everyone who wants to up their SEO game.

The free version gets you very far.


Bing Webmaster Tools

Through Bing Webmaster Tools you can gain great insights into your website’s performance and see what improvements might be needed to rank better.

Google PageSpeed

Page speed is very important for SEO purposes and what better way to find out how you’re doing on the front than getting these insights directly from Google!

Google Webmaster Tools

The best starting point to optimizing your (or your client’s) SEO is through the Google Webmaster Tools interface (formerly Google Search Console).

The Open Site Explorer of Moz.ocm lets you research backlinks, find link-building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links. 


WhoIs is a great resource and it can be used in a variety of different circumstances. While it’s not directly a SEO tool, it gives you a plethora of information about the domain itself, such as the expiration date of the domain.

Yoast SEO

This is a must have plugin for everyone who wants to up their SEO game.

The free version gets you very far.

Landing Pages


A great resource for conversion optimization professionals. It allows you to create and publish landing pages quickly. Depending on the plan you choose, you can really take your conversion optimization to the next level.

The plans start at $25/month (with a yearly membership). If you plan to do A/B testing, however, you’ll have to sign up for the “Pro” plan, which is $49/month (with a yearly membership).


Unbounce is a very powerful landing page creator. Whether you just want to A/B test some landing pages or want to do really advanced stuff, it can manage.

That functionality comes at a price. The plans start at $49/month.

Visual Website Optimizer

VWO is another great A/B testing platform. What I love best about this one are the heat maps, especially in combination with the click maps of Google Analytics’ in-page analytics tools. Google Analytics tells you how many clicks a link received, but the heat maps of VWO tell you, where on the page that link was clicked, if you have multiple links to the same page.

The pricing starts at $49/month (for annual memberships).


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great resource to learn how your visitors behave while visiting your site. Whether you want to know which blog post had the highest readership, what keywords your site visitors enter into your search box, or which step in the check-out process had the highest drop-offs, here you can find the answers.


Yes, it is expensive, but it certainly is one of my favourite tools. You can look up what ads your client (or their competitors) are running, how they rank for a variety of keywords, and much much more!

The Pro version that comes at a price of $69.95/month, will get you very far!



Surprised that I put “Photoshop” under video also? It’s because you can edit your videos in Photoshop. It takes some time to get used to, but you can create some pretty awesome videos with Photoshop. A lot of the great functionalities that you’re used to from your photo editing, can be applied to your videos, too.

The Adobe Photoshop subscription starts at $9.99/month.


Stupeflix is a great FREE tool for photographers or anyone wanting to make a professionally looking video out of their beautiful shots. Simply pick a theme, upload your images, pick some background music if you like, and create a stunning video that you download.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora allows you to edit your videos easily and create fantastic results.

The licence for a year is $44.99 but if you pay only $20 more, you can get a lifetime license for one computer.


Once you’re done editing your videos, there are great ways to publish them online. My preferred option will always be YouTube, because it is free and can be synched with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, etc.

E-Book Resources


Adazing is a great resource for free tools, templates, and graphics, directed at authors (hard-cover or ebook style). Instead of listing them all individually here, I’d like to invite you to head over to their site and start exploring! I personally, love the book mock-ups.

Box Shot

Boxshot is awesome to create 3D e-book covers and much more! The drawback is that you have to download the software onto your computer.


With Designrr you can turn your blog posts into beautiful ebooks. It will likely take you longer than 30 seconds, if your project requires a bit of customization, as mine always do, but it is still faster than doing it the old-fashioned way.

The software starts at $27/month.

My E-Cover Maker

If you’re not creating e-book covers professionally but rather only need to create them once in a blue moon, then I’d recommend Book Cover Maker. It allows you to create up to 5 ebook covers for free.

There is, however, a fee of $4.59 involved for downloading the finished version.

PDF Editors

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This is a great tool for editing PDFs (e.g. changing the text, filling in forms, signing forms with your e-signature, converting PDFs into other file formats, comparing PDFs, etc.).

This software starts at US$14.99/month.

PDF Joiner

If you only need to combine multiple PDFs (e.g. attach an image front cover to a PDF ebook), you can also use other softwares, such as PDF Joiner. It does the job (very well) and is free.