WordPress Website

WordPress Website

You already know that a website is your gateway to a global audience and you might have already looked into the various options that exist.

You can either invest in a professionally coded site that gives you limited flexibility or invest your time in the DIY approach and learn how to build your own site inexpensively for the highest level of flexibility.

How can you save your time without investing a fortune in a professionally coded site?

How I Can Help

I have helped a variety of clients and friends with this challenge in the past by creating a professionally looking WordPress site for them. The site you’re currently on, is a WordPress site, too.

While WordPress has the reputation to be difficult to manage, I disagree. There are a variety of great templates that can be purchased for less than $50 that come with a drag-and-drop builder and great functionalities. (Almost) everything else can be added via plugins.

The best part is that most WordPress websites that I have built in the past, were up and running after just two weeks and easily customizable. Once the site is completed, I will also train you on how to update your site on your own.

Web design

Having a visually appealing website is no longer just a frill, it’s a requirement from the start. First impressions count. With your website’s content ready and your requirements clearly established, your WordPress website could be live in two weeks.

Analytics integration

Access to an analytics platform, such as Google Analytics, will help you learn about your website visitors’ behaviour on the site. Additional tools, such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, help you flag issues (e.g. website threats) quickly, help you with continuous search engine optimization, and keep you informed about important website activities.


Having a WordPress website up and running is only the first step. A continuous improvement and expansion of your website content, however, is essential for delighting customers and search engines. I will train you on how to navigate the platform, upload images, and publish new content.

Services I Offer

Web design

I will help you get your business online, by

giving advice on hosting options and helping with the set-up,

as the server your website is hosted on has an impact on search engine ranking.

helping you find a great WordPress template,

that meets your requirements and preferences (e.g. responsiveness, colour scheme, page load time, layout, customization options, language settings, etc.).

installing additional plugins,

to make up for shortcomings the template might have and customize your website to your utmost satisfaction.

building your WordPress website,

according to your specifications and requirements, and with the content you provide.

setting up various lead generation options,

such as newsletter sign-ups, contact forms, and other lead generation requirements you may have.

Analytics integration

  • Sales
  • Profit

Track analytics with

Google Analytics,

to learn about your website visitors’ behaviour on your site, such as their navigation path, how long they have stayed on the site, which website (or ad) they came from, which country they reside in, which page they saw before leaving your site, etc.

Google Search Console,

to gain insights into what you could improve to rank higher on Google, get alerted about malware or spam issues that might arise, submit new content for crawling, and identify which websites are linking to your site.

Bing Webmaster Tools,

to gain additional insights into your website’s performance and submit your sitemap to Bing.


Learn how to

navigate the WordPress platform

so you feel comfortable creating new pages, hyperlinking content, uploading pictures and videos, and updating the template and plugins.

read your analytics,

so you can make important decisions about your website and your business (e.g. where to open another office), based on data gained through Google Analytics, the Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

best practices,

about website content, linking structure, titles, meta tags, search engine optimization, and more.

use the terminology,

so you understand what you are doing, seeing, and analyzing.


Get a high-quality and easy-to-use WordPress site.

WordPress Website

Price varies based on scope / Ask for a quote
  • Help with hosting set-up. 
  • Help with choosing a great WordPress template. 
  • WordPress website creation and installation of additional plugins 
  • Set-up of lead generation features 
  • Analytics integration 
  • 2 hour training session included

Training on WordPress

CDN $ 100 / hour
  • Navigating the WordPress interface 
  • Creating and publishing new pages 
  • Creating and publishing new (blog) posts 
  • Changing the WordPress theme
  • Changing the appearance of a WordPress theme 
  • Using widgets 
  • Changing and amending menus 
  • How to find, add, delete, and update plugins 
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