For privacy and security reasons, I do not include last names for individuals who provided a testimonial.

You have been a huge influence here, Connie, and while not spoken about much, you are central to what has been going on here with our (slow) evolution and changes. I could NOT have done what we directed Alyssa to do without your input. I am in awe of your professionalism, your focus, your understanding of our business and your kindness and consideration towards us as individuals and as a company. Contractual as it may be, you have gone way above and beyond.
I would like to recognize the awesomeness of Connie Reichelsdorfer, today. I am a very creative person but I get overwhelmed at the moment I have I.T. questions. In QuĂ©bec, when someone dreams big we say they shovel clouds ("Des pelleteurs de nuages."). Well, let me tell you that it exists in this world people who think that, with a bit of help and the right tool, we might just be able to do something great with those clouds. 🙂

“Connie was an invaluable resource in our recent website launch. She has very strong technical skills, a wide range of knowledge, confidently takes action, and is a delight to work with. Connie is a valuable team member who leads with integrity and helped complete our project on time and on budget."

“I’ve worked with Connie on numerous projects, and recommend her to any organization looking to grow their online presence. Connie is a master at online advertising and she provides deep analytical insights into marketing and business strategy. On top of that, she is highly responsive and genuinely cares for each of her clients. Connie’s WordPress skills are also a huge asset. I’ve seen her increase website conversions and security for many organizations. Connie is a sharp, skilled marketer, and she works diligently to ensure her clients’ success. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a valuable member of their marketing team!”

"Connie came to me at a time when I was immensely stuck. I had an idea of what my business was but I had no idea how to make it appealing to people. I was going to quit. She not only gave me direction, but she also didn’t stop until I had hope again. Everything my business is today is because of Connie. Every ecstatic customer is happy because of the brand Connie helped me build."

“Creating my website was an overwhelming task for me. Even with templates offered by many online platforms, I didn’t know how to start, what colours to choose, or how to achieve flow when creating content. Connie did all the heavy lifting for me, and in just a few hours, she created a beautiful and professional website. She provided the key questions to get me started, polished the content, styled all the pages, created additional webpages that will allow me to further customize the website as my business grows, set up a MailChimp account and brand-conform email templates, and even provided training (on WordPress, security, and editing procedures), so that I can take over. I can’t speak highly enough for what Connie did."

"Connie helped me create a meditation and wellness blog in French from start to finish; a blog which has the objective to be transformed into a website over time. She continues to help me with the evolution of my project. She motivates me and gives me advice and direction. Connie always responds fast and efficiently to all my questions and requests (no matter how basic or challenging they may be) with great advice. She is a professional who truly listens and quickly adapts to others’ needs and demands. She is efficient, fast, and competent and I strongly recommend her."

“Connie has been an absolute joy to work with! She was patient during my steep learning curve, and provided valuable insight in how best to optimize and grow our Facebook Ads and Adwords accounts. Having an outside perspective on our creative and strategy was invaluable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Connie to anyone!”

"Connie is without a doubt the consummate professional. She is clear, goal-focused and smart. Connie came on board to optimize the Google AdWords budget we received as a non-profit. Under her guidance the performance over 12 months was amazing! For instance, the amount of clicks we received on our ads increased by over 350 % and our click-through rate increased by 122 %. At the same time, our average cost per click went down by 10%.  Well done Connie!"

"I must say that Connie has been a life saver and a pleasure to work with.  If not for her, I would have thrown in the towel a while ago. And believe me when I say that I am not easily impressed but Connie has impressed me multiple times 😀 "