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Thank You Google!

By November 11, 2016July 20th, 2022No Comments

Thank you, Google, for the wonderful surprise this morning!

One of the reasons why I love Google is because they truly care. Their motto “do no evil” does not quite accurately reflect how they truly behave. They don’t just avoid doing evil, they behave social, recognize hard work, and appreciate the hours marketers put into learn their interfaces.

The Specialty Challenge Certificate I received this morning, recognizes that I completed all AdWords and Analytics exams.


  • AdWords search network
  • AdWords display network
  • Analytics
  • Shopping
  • Mobile Apps
  • Video advertising


It was fun learning all the material and taking all the tests. I also didn’t mind re-taking them over the years to stay certified. It’s a pleasure in itself to help clients optimize their AdWords account and become more visible. However, receiving an official recognition in the mail, really goes a long way!

So, thank you, Google!