As a start-up, small business, or nonprofit you may lack the means to hire in-house staff to do your marketing. If you have the time to do it yourself but lack the expertise, you may be wondering where to start.

How I Can Help

I will establish a personalized training plan for you or your team based on your or your team’s existing knowledge and your business requirements. In a fun and interactive learning environment that is tailored to various learning styles, I will then coach you or your team step-by-step.

I also usually train my clients after each project, on the platforms that I set up and/or the maintenance of the campaigns that I created. But the project end is never an end in itself, as my door is always open for clients to reach out with a burning question.

One-on-one Training

Training for individuals

Whether you are a solopreneur or a small business owner tackling marketing tasks by yourself, I can help you gain the level of marketing knowledge needed to achieve your goals.

Group Training Sessions

Training for teams

If you feel your staff and/or marketing team would benefit from tailored training sessions, give me a call and I will get them up to speed.

Project Completion Training

Training upon project completion

When a project ends, such as the completion of a WordPress website, a social media outreach or an Ads campaign, I will show you how to navigate and update the platform(s), keep your social media channels interesting, and optimize your campaigns.

Get the Know-How to Grow Your Organization

Learn from the comfort of your home or office.

The absence of room-booking fees drives down the cost for training and you will receive the training in a setting that is most comfortable for you.

I will match your learning style preferences.

Tell me how you or your team learn best and I will structure all learning material and lessons around your style.This personalized training approach will ensure that you will be comfortable tackling marketing techniques, platforms, and strategies on your own in no time. Let’s make learning fun again.

Personalized training for individuals.

Tell me what you’re interested in and I will deliver customized training sessions, online or in person, that build on your already existing marketing knowledge.

Personalized training for teams.

For groups of 5, I offer customized online or in-person training sessions that will bring all team members up to speed with current marketing practices, platforms, and strategies. These training sessions focus on your organization’s needs, audience, and industry.

For groups of 6+, customized training becomes more challenging as individual needs can no longer be as easily addressed when the pace is dictated by the group’s middle ground… I do offer training to larger groups, however, please know that for mixed groups of beginners and intermediate learners, I’d recommend splitting the individuals into smaller subgroups to be respectful of the time of all intermediate and/or advanced learners.

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