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You already know that a website is your gateway to a global audience and you might have already looked into the various options that exist.

Which Platform to Choose?

While WordPress has the reputation to be difficult to manage, I disagree. It’s all a matter of perspective – and the right amount of training provided by a skilled expert. Some of my clients have been running their own WordPress sites successfully for many years after handoff.

Compare this to a custom coded site, which binds you to the developer, in some cases for as long as the site exists, and the cost of custom coded sites can sometimes rank in the tens of thousands, which is not the case for WordPress.

And there are other options… Squarespace is a neat platform for those who run a personal website, however, Squarespace is not very customizable (in terms of code access) and some templates can be a tracking nightmare for analytics experts. The same is true for WIX and a host of other platforms.

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Services I Provide

The websites I build for customers are WordPress-based and I always assist with the selection of an appropriate, fast-loading, SEO-conform theme. Depending on the chosen template, some projects require a fair amount of coding to get it “just right” and I am seasoned in that task, so know that you’re in good hands. Once the site is completed, I will also train you on how to update your site on your own, although ongoing website maintenance can also be provided, if you prefer.

I work with a lot of startups and nonprofits who have never had a website and who are often nervous. If this is you, please know that this is 100% normal and I won’t look to you for micromanagement. In fact, I will take you by the hand (figuratively-speaking) and walk the path with you.

I will help you get your business online by

giving advice on hosting options and helping with the setup,

as the server your website is hosted on has an impact on search engine ranking.

helping you find a great WordPress template,

that meets your requirements and preferences (e.g. responsiveness, colour scheme, page load time, layout, customization options, language settings, etc.).

installing additional plugins,

to make up for shortcomings the template might have and customize your website to your utmost satisfaction.

building your WordPress website,

according to your specifications and requirements, and with the content you provide.

setting up various lead generation options,

such as newsletter sign-ups, contact forms, and other lead generation requirements you may have.

securing your website

to give it a fighting chance against nefarious individuals who have ill intensions. This is a service that most other web developers do not provide by default. I do. 

securing your website

optimizing your website for search engines, such as Google and Bing. This is a service that most other web developers do not provide by default. I do. 

I keep your website up-to-date (and fix cheap websites) by

securing your website,

to reduce vulnerabilities and make it harder for hackers to gain access.

editing your website,

such as adding new posts and pages, implementing changes, and keeping your content up-to-date.

toubleshooting analytics and tagging issues,

to make sure that your data collection is up to par, so you can make data-based business decisions.

optimizing your website content for search engines,

to make sure that you don’t fall behind on Google & Co.

optimizing your lead generation touchpoints,

such as newsletter sign-ups, contact forms, downloads, donation channels, etc.

I will help search engines find your site by

optimizing your website's meta tags,

so search engines can “read” all your content with ease.

optimizing your on-page content,

with carefully researched keywords, readability checks, keyword density checks, and more.

analyzing (and optimizing) your linking structure,

so search engines can more easily index your content.

analyzing index and follow instructions for robots,

to make sure you’re not accidentally keeping search engine crawlers out.

checking your reputation with search engines,

to catch and fix any issues that might impact your search engine visibility.

Learn how to

navigate the WordPress platform

so you feel comfortable creating new pages, hyperlinking content, uploading pictures and videos, and updating the template and plugins.

understand the terminology,

so you can make sense of what you are doing, seeing, and analyzing.

apply best practices,

about website content, linking structure, titles, meta tags, search engine optimization, and more.


Coding Skills






CompTIA Security Plus

Web Development Experience

In almost a decade, I’ve created dozens of WordPress websites and maintained dozens more, including hard-coded websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is always at the center of the websites that I create.

Not only have I created websites that rank high in Google for keywords that are important to my clients, I have also optimized various websites and assisted with black-hat SEO clean-ups, and negative SEO clean-ups. 

Website Security Experience

Web security is of utmost importance to me when I create, maintain, and fix websites.

Among the “website fixing” projects that I have completed in the past were website hack clean-ups and securing the websites from brute-force attacks and other malicious attempts.

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